About Us

A non-profit organization established in 1993, Consumer Credit has been helping people take control of their debt by providing unlimited free budget and financial education and, when necessary, implementing debt management plans.
Our certified counselors spend each appointment helping clients assess their personal finances. During our free counseling sessions we help clients set up a budget, evaluate their debt and review their spending plan. Options to help resolve your financial problems may include a plan for self-pay, consideration of debt refinancing, bankruptcy referral or our Debt Management Plan (DMP). A DMP simplifies your budget by creating one monthly payment that is paid to Consumer Credit. We will then pay each of your creditors vs. you having multiple creditors, deadlines and payments to meet each month.
As part of our commitment to educating the public on the wise use of credit, we have educational materials on a wide range of personal financial topics, including budgeting, spending plans, shopping smart, saving strategies and debt repayment options. Please contact us to receive additional information.
Our years of experience and our commitment to excellence have helped thousands turn their dreams of debt repayment into reality. As part of that commitment we are:

Please contact us with any questions. We look forward to helping you take control of your debt.

Consumer Credit Nationwide
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