Take the Quiz

Debt Warning Signs

Take this short quiz, and be honest! Click on the box to answer “yes” to a question. If you end up with two or more checked boxes, it is time to get help.

  1. Do you carry a balance on your credit cards and use the cards for basic necessities such as groceries or gas?
  2. Have you taken out loans to consolidate your debts, or asked to refinance existing loans to reduce monthly payments?
  3. Do you live paycheck to paycheck?
  4. Do you pay only the minimum amount due on your credit card accounts?
  5. Are you near or over the limit on your credit cards?
  6. Have you received late notices from your creditors?
  7. Are you unable to maintain and grow a savings account?
  8. Have you borrowed against your 401K account?
  9. Do you depend on extra income, such as overtime, bonuses, or a part time job to get you through to the end of the month?