Comments from returned surveys and client letters:

“Kelly was very helpful.  She made us feel better about our situation.  I’m so thankful for all of her help.  I feel like things are not so out of countrol.  Thank you to your agency for all that you do.” 
Ann from Rock Island, Illinois  (entire survey)

“Trish was great, very professional but friendly at the same time.  Never once did she make us feel bad or crazy for getting ourselves into the mess we are in.  She genuinely seemed interested in helping us out of the mess.  I know your score only goes to 4, but so far Trish has been a 5 in all of our dealings with her.”
Bruce from DeWitt, Iowa  (entire survey)

“Dear CCN, Thanks so much for helping us get out of credit card debt. Our lives have made huge changes in how we spend money and what we now call “needs”! We are grateful that we can now start putting money into savings instead of interest.”
Randal N.

“CCC Counselors & Staff: I wanted to thank your office personally for your help through a financially troubling time in my life. With your help I am rebuilding my credit and have learned some valuable lessons. Special thanks to…and the front line staff who were always caring and understanding. It has been a long road but my pleasure to do business with an agency that was so helpful. Best of luck to you and all of your future clients that will benefit from your services.”
Dennis B.

“Enclosed in my final payment! I wanted to thank you for your help these past few years. I couldn’t have gotten out of debt without you’re your help. Best wishes to all of you.”
Sarah D.

“Thank you so much for helping me get out of debt. It has been a long journey but I’ve finally made it. But I couldn’t have done it without you. For the first time in decades, I feel like I have hope and that my dreams are within reach. And I want to say Thanks for being part of that restoration. Thank you!”
Vickie L.

“…I will have to admit, when my wife and I first talked about using your services I was skeptical, but it has been a pleasure and a relief to deal with you. Everyone we’ve dealt with has been very helpful and understanding. I would recommend you to anyone. Thanks for your help.”
Scott C.

“…I’d like to thank Consumer Credit for your help with the elimination of my credit card debt. CC is very reputable and everyone I worked with was very courteous and helpful. I tried to work with the credit card companies on my own without success. You helped by setting up a workable budget for me and getting the credit card companies to lower their interest rate by a very considerable amount. Thanks again.”
Valerie S.

“…I want to thank your company for working with me to accomplish this incredible feat. At one time I had 7 accounts with you all, but with your help, one by one each have been whittled away to a zero balance. All the while, I have been a full time student, working part time to fulfill my end of the bargain. You all have truly made it possible for me to do so. I could not have made the payments this whole time without your help. I must also add that every time I called your customer service line, I was always treated with attentiveness and concern, along with the resolution of the issue. Your representatives have set the bar in my book for customer service! Thank you again, you have made a happy customer out of me that will always recommend your organization for debt assistance.”
Darlene S.

“I’m sending this email to tell you that I’m so excited that it’s getting close to the end of paying off the credit cards in 2 months then I’ll be able to save and pay for things in cash. I’m so glad that I signed up for this program. I’ve told several of my friends about this and it is really worth it. If they are in a bind, I will give them information of Consumer Credit Nationwide.”
Donna H.

“To all at Consumer Credit, I would like to thank you for working with me in getting out of debt. It is a great feeling to send you my final payment. Getting out of debt can be done, but as we know, debt is not made over night and getting out of debt is not done over night. I do appreciate you and your help.”
Barb W.

“Thanks, you guys have been great. Every person I’ve dealt with has been extremely nice and helpful………”
Sherri B.

“Consumer Credit… all of your staff has worked so hard for us in the first four months of our kick off to Debt Management! Kudos to you all. Fantastic customer service and everything we needed was handled with courtesy and a professional attitude!”
Merlin J.

“Thank you very much for your help in assisting my family and me out of debt. From 22K to zero is a great feeling. I’m proud to say the only bill I have now is my mortgage. Again, thank you for the great job.”
Tim S.